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  1. Great idea for a cruise but there were signs on the M4 saying the Bells Line of road was closed for road work in coming weeks,I hope it is not that weekend.
  2. The police story does not have an exciting ending but I will finish it off. She stood on the side of the road for about five minutes questioning me as to the where abouts of my mobile phone, she even said they could check to see if I had received or made any calls in the last few minutes. I called her bluff and said go right ahead. I always say where the police are concerned if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about. She asked to see my drivers licsence so I pulled out my wallet and gave her a look but this was not good enough I had to take the licsence out of the wallet. She then asked me one more time if I was talking on my mobile phone and again I said no. She then breath tested me and told me I was ok to continue on my journey home. The reason I think they thought I was on a phone was because it was early in the morning and I was tired and I was driving with my head resting on my right hand and my arm leaning on the door, the stivo is a perfect height for me and my left hand was on the wheel. What I find strange is that I was on the straight road and they came up to the T section and pulled me over almost straight away, they did not even follow me. The windows on my car are tinted so there is no way they could have got a good look to confirm I was on a mobile. Since this incident I have seen Hundreds of people driving talking on their mobiles, where are the police.
  3. The mobile phone story continues.
  4. I have a police story to tell. I got pulled over on my way home from work about 2am last Saturday morning on Luxford road Shalvey (NSW). The police lady asked me "do you know why I have pulled you over" I said no, I knew I was not speeding and I had my seat belt on. The police lady said she seen me talking on a mobile phone whilst driving and this was illeagal. I thought this was a strange remark because I did not have my mobile phone on me. <_<
  5. Looks good, but err um what does it go like? ;)
  6. I never had my oil changed at 1000k and my car is going all right.
  7. I agree with Magic. Influx has the best iI have seen. Mine to is stock standard.
  8. Reguarding the tunnel on the M2. Yes XOOM a touch of the Monaco F1 race. I know the thrill, I always hammer it going through there.
  9. My car has done about 4000k now and apart from the rear disc brake sqeal in reverse, which everyone else seems to have developed, I have had no problems at all. Which makes me ask have I been lucky in buying the car I got or are you guys driving your cars too hard?
  10. Lucio, your avatar makes me feel sea sick.
  11. I bet Tiger has had his Stivo on a dyno!! :D
  12. If the car is not suppose to be driven in lift, Why does it have a lift capable engine fitted?
  13. Mine is Black, I just checked after reading this. It is 209.
  14. You would have to be the most unluckiest guy around Tiger.