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  1. RP071

    Front Panel removal

    Hi all I was just wondering if there are any tips on popping out the panel for the seat dials. The left seat dial is stuck and I just need to pop it back out. If I don't then the missus will kill me or insist on driving, so same, same... :p This is for a 2007 KXS Kluger. Thanks in advance RP
  2. Why don't you just buy a mobile phone holder??? For the money you save on a stereo with Sat Nav you can then look at a higher quality head unit with Bluetooth, handsfree, all the bells and whistles... Just a thought.
  3. Here's a few that I have used in the past. http://www.gorillaindustries.com.au/ https://www.importmonster.com.au/ http://www.mvpmotorsports.com/ Castle Hill Toyota (NSW) - Good for standard items. Good luck PS: There's a bucket load out there, these are just a few I have used.
  4. Funnily enough I don't have a photo of the Kluger...
  5. Just a quick hi to all. Long time Supra owner. 1993 SZ minimal modifications (sold) 1997 RZ not a lot left that I can say is standard (currently broken)... 1986 stock as a rock MA70 (sold). 2007 AWD KXS Kluger (current) Pretty much searching the site for Kluger information. Cheers, RP
  6. Get on Facebook, the au forums are pretty much dead, due to a site owner that is MIA. Pretty much all of the forum sponsors/sellers are on Facebook now.
  7. I had no idea there was such a thing as hill start assist in an automatic car but left foot on the brake and gently apply pressure on the accelerator has always been the way I start off on a hill. Even with a car that has a hand brake. I think hill start assist might be a gimmick mate...