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  1. Thats good to hear, i haven't heard any considerable issues with this specific model (yet). i have seen quite a few for sale so parts should be easily accessible if need be, are there any recommended mechanics around the Shire should i need to have anything checked out?
  2. Thats good to know, i haven't been able to find any major faults with it online (other than it not being looked after). Are there any differences between the manual and the auto (i definitely prefer the manual)?
  3. i have only now seen that this thread is not for car related topics...Sorry about that Admin...will pop this through in another thread. My bad
  4. What are you thoughts on the Corolla E-120? this is know as a Run-X in South Africa (Yeah thats my home Country). It is believed to be a great runner over there and has the general Toyota reliability
  5. I have just been on those sites prior to joining up here, but thanks for those :) Is that generally the only issue that you have experienced? I havent been able to find much wrong with the car from online searches, thats a great sign...means that i'm 1 step closer :) Thanks :)
  6. Hi all, I am here so any help will be appreciated :) I have recently moved to the land of OZ and will be looking at purchasing a vehicle over the coming weeks.. I have stumbled across a '99 Celica (t200 if i'm not mistaken - not too clued up on the finer details) and would like some feedback, i believe that Forums are always the way to go. I'd like to know what exactly i should look out for, be weary of, and simply just the common problems that this vehicle is known for.. I will be using it to commute to and from work everyday +- 20kms. The vehicle has just over 135 000kms on the clock. Any feedback will be most helpful :) TIa