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  1. Nup. No warning lights at all. In fact, I id connect one of those OBDII scanners only to have the code 'P0000', and the words 'No Trouble Codes Detected' flash up on the screen. Wierd as. cheers.
  2. Hello, my 2007 VDJ78R_1VD_4.5L V8 single turbo workmate troopy wont start. Starter motor fine, engine cranks ok. Battery good. Glow plug relays, and associated fuses ok. But no fire. Just wont kick. Was running in the last few days. Felt a feint engine surge while driving in third gear. Engine was idling from cold start next morning then shut down by itself. Hasn't been able to start since. Have emptied out currently optioned fuel tank (main) and all looks clean. Changed out fuel filter and re-primed. Still cranks ok, but no fire. Any ideas?