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  1. Does anyone know how to do the toyota aurion steering angle sensor diagnostics reset

  2. It really does sound the the power steering pump noise but the mech rekons he put a second hand one in. It's not extremely loud & i've been told that Aurions make a whine noise because their front wheel drive but I thinks that might be bull****
  3. Air con's not on. When it is it doesn't make any noise, just the whine noise as stated regardless of whether or not the air con's on. Good idea though
  4. Its does still whine while stationary so I've ruled out anything brake related & bearings so its definitely under the hood. Just had the idler Pully's done and that seem to have got rid of the bearing noise under the bonnet. All fluids changed. Funny thing the whine noise seems to be louder in the mornings cold start. Can alternators whine like a turbo when they are faulty?
  5. Hi guys, I recently bought an Aurion Sportivo. I didn't notice it when I bought it but the next few days after with the windows up and on a quiet road you can hear a faint whining noise, sort of like power steering noise. I had a second handy put in but its still there. I don't want to fix anything else unless I isolate the issue. On take off its clear but when you hit 60km's it sort of goes away & then when you pull up to the light's it's there again. Any thoughts? Has anyone had a similar issue?