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  1. Took me long enough, but I ended up: 1. replacing the head unit 2. Purchasing Fog light surrounds from Amayama, fog lights and bulbs from ebay 3. Purchasing a used Hayman Reece tow bar - don't do this, as you cannot get parts from Hayman Reece - will have to take my chances with a tow bar installer. Still wondering about strut braces, CAI and headers, but figuring major service and engine work are more important at this time
  2. Bumpage, any no ideas or suggestions on this would be much appreciated please :)
  3. Hi, I'm on same path as you, also want to install remote key where i didn't have one before. There are a few different modules here that you are referring to, so i will refer to what i can recall (just back from pub lol). If you do some digging around forums and google, you will get more info about these. * Remote locking module - under footwell as you said, should bolt in, make sure you have aerial cable for signal, abd bolts to attach it. The connection from memkry connects to the immobiliser. Kicker is buying remote key, and then coding to the car, as most threads about this refer to
  4. Hi everyone, I've been given a towbar for a 2004 corolla wagon, and need the bolts & mounting plates etc. I've tried to purchase these from one of their stockists, but was told that Hayman Reece will not sell replacement parts. :o| Does anyone have any ideas or advice please, e.g. alternative parts, contacts, or should i take the bar to an installer and see if they have parts to fit it? Advice and suggestions are appreciated, thank you!
  5. Gave up on this in the end, am installing aftermarket stereo instead. [shrugs]
  6. Thankks for that, they let me buy four, and i could have gotten more. :) I'm flushing my engine, these will be useful! Now for cheap ATF fluid...!
  7. Bzzzt! Yup, resusitating a dead thread... does anyone current;y on these forums have up to date instructions? Have followed these to best of my ability using last three digits of VIN, and dealer code... no dice. Stereo in help mode when I purchased car, didn't think anything of it, until I googled it [facepalm] in the alternative, any suggestions for who to go to to get a decent used stereo? :D
  8. Thanks for that, I had seen them last week, the picture for my ones appear to be upside down! lol I am really holding out hope that there is a seller here who can source them, I will try my luck with NZ too (Just saw they have 4wd corollas there - awesome!) Failing that, I will talk to an SA friend this week and see if he has any contacts back home. I will get these yet!
  9. Hi everyone, I am trying to source foglights for a Series 2 Corolla wagon (ZZE122R), the larger plastic ones with the spotlight inserts. Please let me know if you have any for sale or are aware of where they can be found, purchased etc. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for that, appreciated :) Have a few calls to make tomorrow!
  11. HI everyone, I am off to Brisbane this weekend, can anyone recommend any wreckers/dismantlers specialising in Toyotas, in particular Corollas from 2000 onwards? Have ZZE122 wagon I'd like some parts for. Thanks for reading!
  12. Google-fu: http://www.ebay.com/itm/For-TOYOTA-2014-2015-Year-Corolla-Altis-LED-Strip-Tail-Lights-Smoke-Black-Color/191497370374 $300 + shipping, and chinese (like everything else I guess)
  13. You found Wagon ones? For the ZZE? Do you have a link/auction number please?
  14. Having been in your position with a corolla, caldina and a starlet, the carpets are pretty tough and won't mark much. I had a quick look through, the ones I found were for sedans or later models. Good luck with your search.
  15. Hi everyone, I am looking for parts for my ZZE122 Corolla wagon - its a 2004 Conquest model, pre-facelift. I am looking for: * Genuine fog lights (larger ones, with the spot lights and plastic surrounds, like the Sportivo) * Towbar and loom, either OEM or Hayman Reese * Headlight shields * performance bits - Strut brace / sway bars / cold air intakes WHY * Internal brackets for roof racks (am asking wreckers and looking at Amayama, pays to ask here too) * also considering headunit since mine is locked, happy to consider whatever comes up - must be unlocked lol
  16. There are also a shedload of them in NZ - not exactly next door, but members of the toyspeed website have an awful lot of knowledge and will help you out for parts too. Keep it in good condition, don't do anything stupid and you should be fine :)
  17. Jusst checked under steering column - I have the plug for the module, but no mounting point for the clip wehre it should screw in. Went to pick a part in Blacktown and found one (albeit somwhat beaten up by the elements lol), but since they wanted $65 for it, and I've seen them on ebay for $50ish, passed...
  18. That age old internet dilemma of whether to resusitate a three year old thread or recycle the same stuff in a new one... Bzzzzt! Clear! Resusitation time lol I have a Toyota Corolla, manufacture date July 2004 (Japan). I have one black key, non remote. I plan to buy a module, and remote key(s) I have looked at This thread as well as this one, and it appears my car was built around the cut off point both for the facelift and the immobiliser being built into the ECU. Ill be calling Toyota on monday, but am I pushing the proverbial uphill in thinking that if I install the remo
  19. With my ex wife's Starlet, the beeping ceased when the door sensor broke. Irritated the shiz out of her when i repaired it lol
  20. I dunno, I mean, the code to enter digits from HELP to SEC has three dashes with an Up arrow, and can aldo get a Down arrow too: HELP Mode From there, pressing 1 4 6 and Power takes up to SEC mode; and Pressing Seek track and 1 - I thought it was Tune up and 1, remembered wrong (nothing happens) results in Arrow up: Enter digits, and then Arrow Down: Press Scan button - straight to Errx (x being the number of failed attempts) So far I have tried the last six digits, and the last three digits twice, and the Pin twice.
  21. ... which is why I'm asking here if anyone has the code...
  22. As above though, I have the PIN (or at least the one written in the use manual is the same as the one the dealer told me) - if you check the links for Kiloxray and Toyota repair 9, there is mention of a six digit unlock number, hence my asking here?
  23. HI everyone, I have a query about my stereo, whether it is salvageable, and if not, what to replace it with. I have a 2004 Corolla Wagon (ZZE122R) – the stereo (08600-00974 or 00971, with 32804 on the front) is in 'HELP' mode. Following instructions in various links around the net, I can move the stereo into SEC mode. These same links indicate my inputting the pin will take it out of SEC mode. However, when I go into this Tune up and 1 buttons, the three dashes are accompanied by an ‘up’ arrow. Inputting the three numbers can be followed by Tune Down and 1 button, which has three d
  24. Boot struts fitted, much easier than I thought it would be! I now have a boot that opens and stays open - yay! Inserted cabin filter, there wasn't one there- slack! Looks like I'm looking at $100 for an oem key cut and coded, will research a bit more before opening wallet I think i have found code for stereo, i managed to get it from HELP to SEC, and I have the original PIN. Fingers crossed... Need to find Steam cleaner, then tee up other servicing for gear box and fuel filter...
  25. Thanks! Right, buying boot struts and a cabin filter tomorrow. Next steps are spare key (one with remote lock and unlock would be good) and unlock code for a 32804 stereo in HELP mode...

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