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  1. Hi everyone, not sure if this has been covered before but i havent been able to find it. I put the radio shown in the picture into my 2007 camry from a 2010 aurion. all the functions work however the reverse camera function obviously isnt available as the car didnt come with a factory camera. I so have an aftermarket one connected to a seperate screen. does anyone know how to wire in the after market camera (RCA cable) into the factory unit? Thanks
  2. hi everyone, i purchased a 2006 late model camry about a month ago now. It had 160000km on the clock and a full service history from the previous owner. The car has been faultless until now where i had noticed that the battery light and the abs light had turned on randomly after a short drive. i have installed an aftermarket bluetooth system, put in reverse sensors and led lights in the footwells, im not sure if they have had an impact on the battery light turning on. has anyone had any similar issues or know why this has happened? thanks