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  1. Hey guys. I need some help sorting out a heating problem with my 94 Landcruiser gxl. First off the engine has been switched out for a HZJ105 about 80km ago and has been upgrade with an aftermarket turbo. Shes been running great up untill 2 weeks ago when the water pump bearing exploded on the way home, had to replaced the old pump and refill the radiator. The Engine unfortunately got really hot at the time. Since then ive noticed a small hole (about 3mm in diameter) on the top of my turbo, tried plugging it with a liquid metal compound, like "Knead It" but its burnt off, now im considering to plug it with actual "Knead It" or weld it up. Also my coolant level keeps dropping and i have to top it up every few days. Now im getting funny heat problems and its throwing me a bit. Shes only overheating after being on the highway for about an hour, fine every other time, but as soon as she heats up on the highway my meters start raising and hills become impossible. Ive realized that when my turbos EGT raises so does my coolant gauge.... Since then ive changed over my radiator cap, flushed the system and put in new coolant. Ive taken my radiator cap off and looked for bubbles, searched daily for leaks, cant see any. Now im looking at replacing the fan viscous oil and the thermostat within the next few days... and fixing the turbo. Any opinions and advance would be great