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  1. 2016 SR Hilux Automatic Transmission cold flaring

    Hi Steve, Have you had any further developments? Would you like to stay in touch? I took my Hilux to local dealer. I left the car overnight and we took it for a test drive the next morning. Like always, it didn't do it as aggressive as when I drive it. The test driver said that the flaring we are complaining about is normal we these transmissions and he said, I quote "even if I change 7 transmissions" they will all do the same thing....Do you think it would be wise to take it to an independent transmission specialist for a less biased opinion? Also, have you experienced any long delays when using voice recognition from your steering wheel? It seems when I am playing music from a USB, it happens. When I press the voice recognition button on the steering wheel, there is a 20s delay before the voice says, how can I help you, and then another 20s delay before it beeps. then it functions like normal. However, like always, when I finally get to the dealer, it doesn't do it....Dealer is saying it is my phone Samsung s5..... Regards, Carlo.
  2. 2016 SR Hilux Automatic Transmission cold flaring

    Hi, I have been having the exact same issue with my 2016 2.8 SR5 hilux. It started at around 280km. I now have 14000km one year later and numerous trips back to the dealer and they said they can't reproduce it. One instance we did reproduce it and the test driver said it's normal. This is in addition to, a squeak in the rear right still not resolved, voice activation taking upto 1 minute to respond, navigator restarting a few times on its own, whining noise coming from engine when cold in mornings. I know its not normal, because I have driven other Hiluxes like mine and they don't flare or ***** between gear changes. My symptoms are the same, however from cold, when i accelerate, between 2nd-3rd or 3rd-4th and 4th-5th, sometimes it flares, and sometimes it feels like someone bumped me from the back, either way, the car feels like it pulls back before engaging the next gear. If I try to over take on the highway, at around 70kms/hr, and I accelerate, it is indecisive as to which gear to engage at first. So far, I have taken it to my purchasing Dealer throughout the year, and two other dealers to see if they can see what the issue is. Each time, they didn't check the oil levels. At least I know I'm not the only one experiencing this problem as my dealer is suggesting it is all in my head.
  3. Ute liner with genuine soft tonneau

    Hi, can anyone tell me if the genuine 2016 soft tonneau can be installed on an over rail tub liner?