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  1. Hi guys. My Estima Hybrid feel like heavy to speed up from 0. Petrol engine kicks in while the speed just reach 20km/h. Fuel efficiency is around 12km/l, 8.3L/100km with very gentle acceleration. Battery can be charged during driving but discharge for startup quickly. I use a ODB dongle and check the hybrid battery voltage and got: #1~#6 blocks: around 19~20V; #7~#15 blocks: around 14~16V Is the battery in a healthy condition, or has any issue please?
  2. I made it on HIGH but feel nothing significant volumn difference on speed.
  3. I asked my salesman about these hidden functions. He replied he can do it for me at the first time service at dealer shop. I searched online for all hidden functions but hardly get anything. Please summarise if possible. The functions I am looking for: 3-blink turning signal Remote key one-push all windows up/down emergent brake with hazard lights on digital speedometer multi-language support seat belt warning chime disable day running light alway on/off/auto ...... I turned off ECO function and feel much more like what a 2.5L engine does. And
  4. Hi guys, I just bought my first new car. I chose Camry for sure. Now, I search online for some adjustments which my camry doesn't have but Rav4 does! 1: 3-blinks turning signal. Well, I guess it should not be a secret setting but I can't make it! previous gen Rav4 has already. why new camry missed this easy but convenient function?! 2: The performance of this 2.5L engine is .....sucks, worse than I expect, even worse than my '99 Audi A3 1.8T. according to the capacity and similar torque with my two car (A3 is 17 years old car), camry should not deliver the power like that! I fee

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