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  1. After much head scratching & research there is a simple answer. Duh. https://aerpro.com/apvty05# AERPRO OEM CAMERA RETENTION ADAPTER TO SUIT TOYOYA KLUGER Aerpro APVSY05
  2. Updated- It transpired that I had no way of telling which pin was what. If someone had a Kluger workshop manual it would have been a little more successful I'd imagine. The little screen still functions and I wasn't in the mood to make the Kluger or new stereo go up in a bluish smoke. TBC.....maybe.
  3. G'day fellow Toyota Kluger fans! Kluger 2008 KR-S AWD I asked the tech people at the tech desk about the reverse camera wiring colours at the back of the factory tiny reverse camera/clock/multifunction screen above the factory audio unit in the dash. It took me ages to try to figure it out when fitting an aftermarket multimedia AV unit. I'll try to save anyone else the hassle of searching. As follows verbatim. - White 16 pin connector E3 type. Pin 14 Red - V+ Pin 12 Black - Camera + Pin 4 White - Earth Pin 15 Sheilded - V- I'm out the door now to get th
  4. Thanks Robert, I have to test the fusible link by the looks, then the relay, all else is good with fuses.
  5. G'day all. Can someone tell me where the rear window demister fuse or fuses live in a 2006 Aurion Sportivo please?
  6. Here you go. And another worthwhile hint to save blowing the fuse under the glovebox. Don't have the car running when you plug the trailer in! Towbar Wiring Instructions PZQ61-33132-42-52_-_PZQ61-33131-41-51FI_-_Camry-Aurion_TWH_-_Issue_4_-_A5_booklet_111597_993.pdf
  7. Rule of thumb. Consult a decent auto elec. I was told the ECM module had died by a dodgy A/E, nope, the prick had no clue where the fuses were. (Under a panel behind glove box). I took his word for the dead ecm and had to do 450kms round trip to get one, when it was a 20 cent 20A fuse blown problem. I hope he had a nice Xmas.
  8. Can any of you good people tell what the part number is for the ECM module for the Toyota towbar wiring harness, or where to get a replacement one. Please? It bolts on the gusset on the rear of the left wheelwell in the boot. 2006 Aurion Sportivo.
  9. G'day all! Can someone take a pic and show me the '06 Aurion Sportivo rear window demister fuse location please? And the rating of it. Can't seem to find it.
  10. Hello fellow Toyboys and girls! Great site to be involved in. I look forward to helping where I can. And be helped where I can.

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