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  1. Not ever experienced such but know exactly what you're talking about. Clean it up good & apply a fair amount of silicone - fill up the recess over the bolt well & over the console, let it dry over a day or two & see how it fares. Otherwise experiment with large washers under the bolt wide enough to grab/hold onto the console to help fix it down, or re-weld the plastic if you have it, or get another donor console from a wrecker.
  2. A complete assembly is next to impossible to find & buy for such an old car. What is the warranty like on the Repco parts? If 3 years/60K kms - get them. My old 2001 Azura I replaced the struts with Sachs which were great after I realised some of the other components were rooted. I also threw on the standard ride height King springs which were too firm for my liking but great on a smooth road. KYB would be my recommendation for struts, about 10% firmer than stock which were always too damn soft anyhow. If your original springs are still fine I would just re-build them with new genuine strut top mounts, boots etc - very important that they're the genuine tops & bearings otherwise you may get a knocking noise.
  3. Do you have the code for the audio ? Do you have the Owners manual ?
  4. ZZT86

    Tyre issues

    Are you talking about the Primacy 4 ? What size are they ? I suspect you're talking about excessive sidewall movement? A very soft sidewall will do what you're describing. I put BS Ecopia EP300 on my old car & it totally destroyed the cars ride & handling - handled like a wet teabag.
  5. Vijith555 's post May 3 2018 makes plenty of sense, explaining that the VVTi controller & locking pin vitally depend on correct oil pressure & that oil viscosity is crucial for this system to work properly, even worse if there's oil sludge. I'm currently looking to purchase a 50 series Aurion only 3 years old with 30K kms, services by the book with Toyota which states the use of 10W30 on first 3 services & last one done a few months ago using 5W/30 weight oil. The other day on cold start the VVTi rattle occurred for 1-2 second's 2 seconds after start/running. What I also noticed on RO Service receipts was that the 10W30 was "VVTi specific - Genuine Toyota Oil" & the 5W30 to be generic type oil ! Either this is one helluva picky system that favours one oil over another or the controller is still a reliability issue on these cars.
  6. Don't let this happen to you ! VVTi Controller failure from a 2ZZ-GE motor. The bolts work their way loose & rattle noise begins, the controller cover starts to rattle, then the bolts break & cause damage, potentially catastrophic, especially when chains are involved. Lucky for me the missing bolts sheared off in bits & landed away from the chain drive & didn't get stuck anywhere. It punched a hole in the rocker/cam cover & that's it ! This high revving engine had done approx 250K kms when the controller failed. ps: note how clean the engine is :))
  7. "Guest" ? Toyota have gone mad, we're not guests, we're customers that make them lots of $$$$ . . . This is the problem with oil coolers, if you get a leak & then low oil pressure, you may as well kiss your engine goodbye. I wonder if this applies to all 2GR-FE motors or only those early model ones ?
  8. 2013 car ? How many kms done ?
  9. The Aurion is already quite the fire cracker so I'd be inclined not to touch it either 😉
  10. A detailers brush & a vacuum cleaner 😉
  11. Odd, I would throw in 0.5-1L of Metho in tank say every 6 months. This will not only 'swallow' up all the water that might get accumulated in there but also give the fuel system a good clean. ps: get your fuel from another reputable station, preferably Premium 95, we're all heading towards it anyhow, might as well get used to it.
  12. A good mechanic is sometimes worth his weight in gold - almost. Well done.
  13. Great that you persevered with this, odd that Techstream can't see the ABS module. Pretty sure my m8 mechanics scanner can see the whole enchilada on my MCV20R Camry (gen4) including Airbags yada yada. Where is that module located ? Great also that Techstream works on WINX - which version TS ? Cheers 😉
  14. That's dumb, all cars should have safety as standard esp blind spot monitoring. Heads up could also be considered a safety feature really, the ventilated seats with memory are a luxury. I'll tell you what - I recently drove a Kia Cerato & all I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised just how good a car it is. Suspension is extremely well sorted - first class really, brakes were great, engine ability/smoothness & economy were good. Interior was average as it was a base model but hey - it's cheap plus that 7 year warranty. Well worth a look. Toyota is no longer alone, this from a life long Toyota fan & owner.
  15. SX V6 would be the most entertaining & smoothest but also easiest to lose your license on 😕 What extra safety features does the SL have over the SX? Would have thought exactly the same.
  16. @thisguy how do you find it ? Any concerns ? Where could Toyota improve it ? Cheers
  17. @Ppm My daily is a 2001 Camry with the same 1MZ-FE motor/transmission & although I commonly do a fair bit of fwy, it's not uncommon to be in the 9's for economy & in the 7's when 70-80% fwy. I would get the car checked out by someone you can trust, $500 sounds OK if parts included. ps: Denso Iridium are the preferred plugs for Toyotas, especially V6 which are hard to get at 😉
  18. Brand T usually revise their cars every 2 years or so with a brand spanka every 4.
  19. 11.6 -16.6L/100kms is a big variation for same conditions & driving style - was it sudden or gradual? Do you have an "engine" light lit on your dashboard ? Is it running rough or smooth? You could have a faulty component like an oxy sensor.
  20. Best advice for you - drive it. Ask for a loaner for a few hours at least, get a good feel for it as it's very different to a petrol car, especially the powerful V6 with almost instant acceleration. Really depends on your driving style & how you want to drive it. Almost impossible to accelerate anywhere quick these days without fear of losing your license so the Hybrid is great & it's an easy 5L or less/100kms with the new gen car. ps: pitty Toyota don't offer the SX with the Hybrid option, would be my pick.
  21. According to a senior Toyota service guy I know a long time, none. These new cars are more advanced & well sorted. They go in for regular service not requiring any attention out of the ordinary. Brakes are huge & last a long time, CVT is strong, engines are same. I love the V6 but would most likely get a Hybrid if in the market for one. Will be on top of my list early next year if I decide to get a new daily & am considering selling my Hachi (it just sits in the garage accumulating dust) but $$ values worry me. I'm expecting a revised Camry end of year . . . .
  22. ZZT86


    Economy is dependant on your right foot, drive it sensibly & you will achieve the claimed factory economy figures.