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  1. Hi everyone. i probably won't get any replies but here's hoping. i have a 92 4cyl petrol Tarago and don't have a great knowledge of them. when I bought it I thought it was just a little bit flat but recently I have found it to have lack of power. it idles great and revs up fine until you drive it. I have to just feather the acelarator peddle and slowly build up speed. If I press it any harder ( about quarter of the way ) the engine suddenly splutters and misses and dies. it feels like fuel starvation or the timing is not advancing correctly. i have changed the fuel filter and spark plugs. i tested the fuel pump and it seems ok. i also tested the air flow monitor and it seems to work ok. it feels more of a fuel related problem than an electrical fault and doesn't bring on the engine management light on. has anyone else experienced similar problems. TIA Gordy
  2. Hi everyone. going to change the old 92 Tarago oil tomorrow. how does the expansion tank work under the bonnet? does it drain through the sump or do you have to drain it seperate. thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone. got a new set of front brake pads from my local sprint auto shop couple of days ago and found they were the wrong ones. the people at sprints are confused as too what pads it needs. The common ones for my 1992 are DB1208p but are wrong. looking through Protex catalogue the pads I need look like DB306p but are listed for a 83-90 model. anyone else have any similar problems with front pads. Thank You :)
  4. What was the outcome to this. are you keeping it or stripping it. I'm still interested in taking some parts ?
  5. Cheers buddy, looking forward to family days down the beach with it,
  6. Hi Alison. where about are you in SA. i just bought a 1992 Tarago and might be looking for spare parts. Mostly interior parts and if u have had it 22 years I'm thinking you must have looked after it. let me know, would love to look at it. Gordy
  7. Hi Friends. firstly hello to this Toyota club and especially the hilux and Tarago owners out there. just bought my first Tarago, it's an old 1992 GLX with only 206k on her ( hoping it's true ). after some advice and maybe some 2nd hand parts. firstly I have an oil leak from the engine, I don't know a lot about these 2.4 petrol 2tz engines ( although I am a technician of 20 Years ). having had a quick look under it, it's not coming from the sump but more what I would say looks like a side panel, thin metal side plate around the size of a sump, it might be a sump as I know the engine is on a slant. i washed it at work tonight but haven't had chance yet to have another look since it was dark when I got home. can someone tell me any good (free) online repair manuals on this engine. 2nd hand parts I am looking for are seat belts and then cosmetic items like the LH seat belt panel ( that covers the mechanism ) rear sliding door inner handle etc. thanks for any advice Gordy
  8. G'day just joined and looking forward to receiving and given advise and having a general laugh. not my first Toyota but my first Tarago. always been a hilux man but bought myself an old 1992 Tarago as a family beach car and so far pleased with it. so, hello everyone, it's nice to be here