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  1. Nov 2012 Presara GPS update

    I have located the unit that holds the map dvd which is located under the front passenger seat. It is impossible to get at unless you take out the seat. Toyota have quoted me $500 approximately to update the maps. I think I will look at alternate head units. Any suggestions for these? All help appreciated. Tom
  2. Nov 2012 Presara GPS update

    I purchased a DVD from navigation Australia for $200 and was told to follow the instructions when I received the disc. I have received this with no instructions and I have no idea how to remove the old map disc and install the new one. I contacted the supplier and was told they didn't have installation instructions and that I would have to take it to an expert or the dealer for installation. Apparently they don't want to know you after they sell you the disc. Can anyone help with the updating the map on a 2012 Aurion Presara 50 series? Tom
  3. I have recently purchased a 2012 Presara and there appears to be no map updates installed. What is the latest update version and any ideas on cost? Does anyone have the latest update and can it be downloaded more than once, share costs?