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  1. Go for it. The sway bar firms up the rear end and that makes cornering a lot better. I have also installed a front strut bar. The next upgrade was Pedders Sportsryders springs. Now I have total confidence in corners.
  2. The before and after shots. It's on SportsRyder springs.
  3. OK. Cool. Was thinking of doing the same at some point. Cheers.
  4. That's looking good. Any issues with speed bumps? How much ground clearance do you have?
  5. Hi David, I used this item I found on ebay... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Aurion-Camry-Yr-06-11-USB-AUX-SD-Factory-Radio-Adaptor-Interface-Aus-/152078492873?hash=item236895a4c9:g:XngAAOSwMmBVs4gq Works a treat. According to the instructions that came along with it, if you have an existing CD changer, there is a "Y" cable that'll do the job. I can't vouch for that but it may be worth a shot. Cheers.
  6. Looks like some hard cornering on those Bridgestones. I'm happy with Yokohama S Drive. I've got 225/45 18 on my car. A bit noisy but handles well, especially the way I do push it into corners.
  7. Just checking... are there any club cruises happening at all in Perth? if there is please let me know. Cheers.
  8. All my cars use 98 fuel. Not so much the power factor but more the smoothness. I had a Tarago TCR10 before. Fed that with 98 and it could really go. Fuel consumption improved too.
  9. I teach roadcraft, hence my opinion.
  10. My 2 cents worth... I went for a car cruise today. Mixed drive of straights and winding roads. We drove about 350kms, got 8.0l/100kms. I use BP Ultimate 98, a KN panel filter, I've changed the rear exhaust mufflers and I use 225/45 18" tyres. Also, a lot has to do with your driving... releasing the accelerator long before it's time to brake might help.
  11. Rear Sway Bar AUD278 delivered. The strut bar was about AUD150. True, the sway bar by itself will improve handling but I prefer to do both. I have a CJ Lancer which I use for driver training and I did both as well. Corners like a dream.
  12. I just installed a rear sway bar from Ultra Racing. It makes one hell of a difference. My car sits on 18" wheels. Now with the strut bar and rear sway bar it is very balanced in corners.
  13. I use 225/45R18 and it's 40 psi all round. There was a marked difference when i drove in to the shop on 17" and drove out on 18". The drive has become so much firmer. So, if you plan an upgrade sometime, that's my 2 cents worth.
  14. Thanks. I have seen quite a few on ebay but am unable to try before buying. Just thought one of us has and could offer some feedback on it.