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  1. Thanks a bunch! I was able to identify the type of this socket in the meantime. Actually it has 12 and not 7 sockets. This is 12 pin (5+7) CN701 or CN702 connector, for a CD stacker/changer.
  2. Wow, that's very useful information, thanks! Do you also happen to know what's name of that empty socket which appears to have 7 pins?
  3. OK, so I bit the bullet and took the unit out just to have a peek. Then put it back again. In case anybody was wondering, here's what the exact type is: And this is how the back looks like:
  4. Thanks for your replies! @trentmeyer23: I may very well end up doing just that if I find the other way too complicated. Will take a look at Fujitsu Ten's website anyhow... @Hiro: Just out of curiosity: why would they do such a thing? Is there a logical explanation why the head unit would be replaced in Australia?
  5. Hello Everyone, I have an automatic 2000 Toyota RAV4 Edge and I'm trying to figure out exactly what type of factory stereo I have in my car. I've found a couple of different types of stereos that can go with my RAV4, on this website, but none of them matches how mine looks like. Which is like this: I intend to research what options I may have for installing an AUX input socket at a later stage, but for now, I'd want to know exactly what my setup looks like. Does anyone have the same type of stereo in their car? If so, have you been able to identify them and/or have you happened to take a photo of their back? :) Cheers, Istvan UPDATE: Sorry for the 90 degrees rotated photo. TinyPic did this for some reason. It wasn't like that on my computer.
  6. Hello Everyone, Absolutely new to the forum, pretty new to Australia (February, 2016), somewhat newer to being a car owner (April, 2016) and even newer to having a 2000 Toyota RAV4 (November, 2016). Very first car was a 2000 Toyota Camry Station Wagon. May she rest in peace (crashed in an accident on Halloween last year). Looking forward to actively participating in the forum. Cheers, Istvan