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  1. cheers mate i will look for the plug again next week when i'm home from work. last week the mrs was badgering me when i would be finished. i got one off ebay out of the states for $75aud i searched 97 05 clock hilux and a few came up, but look on the ebay dot com site without the au
  2. Hi guys i have a 2003 kzn165r and i just bought an sr5 clock and mounted it into the dash. Problem is, i couldn't see the plug for it though but i was rushed and didnt have time to pull any more of the dash apart to see. Is the plug for the clock taped up there somewhere or is there a seperate extension loom i need? Has aybody done/seen a guide on doing this job? Cheers, Jase
  3. Hi Guys, looking at doing a top mount intercooler later down the track, what are we using to get a silicone elbow onto the throttle body on these?
  4. HI Guys, new to the forum here, i've just got my hands on a 2003 hilux with a 1kz-te turbo diesel and i'm putting a few aftermarket gauges in. i've found the coolant gallery plug and fitted that sensor but i was wondering if there is also an oil gallery plug somewhere that I can insert my oil pressure sensor into? anybody got a pic they can post with an arrow to the best place to mount my additional oil pressure sensor? Kind regards, Jase