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  1. Fitting wider tryes

    You can go for 196/60-R14 but your speedometer will under read a bit.
  2. Nov 2012 Presara GPS update

    @boatinghero If you are in Sydney, and have a weekend free, I wouldn't mind tackling the removal of the front passenger seat, as it will give me an idea on how to do it when I do mine.
  3. Nov 2012 Presara GPS update

    Not sure if you saw this but... Not good. Is there any way you can dispute the transaction? When I was looking at the Aurions, the dealer said it was a USB update. have you tried inserting the disk into a PC and see if there is any readme.txt?
  4. Nov 2012 Presara GPS update

    I also want to change the head unit, but i'm concerned about the inbuilt vehicle functionality linked to the existing head unit. Also have a 2012 Presara with out of date maps.
  5. 2014 Aurion Strut Brace

    My 2 cents, I bought an ALU one, but more for aesthetics, I've noticed that it does cover the brake filler pot.