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  1. Hey man If you install a transmission cooler you will never have the problem again. $150 of parts and the problem goes away.
  2. In my experience the battery always seems to be a pretty constant 12v source...
  3. you been under water recently. The Don is right it is either the Spigot bearing or front gearbox bearing. They have a habit of shtting themselves once the bell housing fills up with water if you get stuck in a creek for a little too long :P
  4. good thing i backed up my comment by stating personal opinion only Steve! :P i still don't see the need for a chip. a hilux will never be fast even if it is chipped. at lest the exhaust is a safe option. EGT's will always be less with a free flowing exhaust. Should make the engine safer!
  5. if you dont want to do any crazy 4x4 ing no need to modify it.
  6. Aftermarket chips which claim more power and fuel savings are not worth the risk. Most chips increase fuel pressures in a system which already runs 22,000psi in the common rail. The longevity of the pumps and seals running at these pressures are somewhat untested and as such not really worth thinking about (personal opinion only) best thing you can get for a hilux is a nice free flowing exhaust. makes a world of difference and doesn't hurt the engine.
  7. http://www.moranbahweather.com/toyota/lc_trj12/rm/rm1151e/m_05_0486.pdf Toyota diagnostic article for your error codes
  8. Are you running a chip in your car? These are common fault codes for D4D engines that have been chipped with those chips which play with fuel pressure increases only as opposed to fuel pressure and injection duration as well. P0087 = Fuel Rail Pressure too low P0191 = Fuel Rail Pressure sensor fault If a styandard D4D engine could well be the fuel rail pressure sensor that is buggered and giving low fuel pressure signals to the ecu and then entering into limp mode. Could be a faulty common rail pump (hope for you that it is not that as they are not cheap). either way if ti is the sensor you cant just buy the sensor separately, you have to buy the whole common rail which is around $1600 from toyota. Best bet is to take it along to your Toyota dealer or a good diesel mechanic and get them to diagnose. either way there is an issue with some component of the injection system so worth getting it fixed. driving around with leaning out diesel engine is a good way to cause overheating and blown engines.
  9. I have an oil filter remover you can have if you want to come down to Yatala and get it. but in all seriousness - use a screw driver - not worth the petrol coming down to the deep dirty south to pick it up. as for the rocker cover do them up tight and you will be fine so long as the gasket is not broken or perished. every bolt in the car has a specified torque - doesn't mean you need a torque wrench to do them all up.
  10. are you putting on a rocker cover or a head mate? if its just a rocker cover torque of the bolts is not all that important. do them up so they are reasonably tight and you will be fine. As for the oil filter - hammer a screwdriver into it from the side and use to to screw it off. it will be a little messy but it will get it off.
  11. Sounds like the turbo is rooted mate. Can be something a simple as the solenoid that changes the variable veins on the turbo (stepper motor) has packed it in or perhaps a coupling has come loose and is blowing your precious boost around the engine bay (you would generally here this though. best way to determine if there is an issue is to get along to a mechanic with an OBDII reader and see if any error codes are being thrown. sometimes clearing these codes fixes the problem. other option is to do a full reset of your ECU and see if the problem is gone. either way hope it isn't your turbo as a genuine unit from toyota is around $4500 + GST
  12. the transfer case is the 78's are notoriously sticky. just needs a bit of force to get it in to low-range the first time. Also make sure you are completely stopped, clutch is in and you are in neutral and it should go in a treat
  13. I would just disconnect the battery - stomp on the brake pedal to drain the electrical system and reconnect everything. that will reset the CEL. in my experience the main reason hilux's go into limp mode is due to excessive engine knock from faulty injectors. Is your lux blowing a lot of black smoke and very noisy when cold?
  14. not a bad price at all. the coils as a part cost around $1600 + GST so add fitting and your $30 extenderd and you have done fairly well.