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  1. Hello Everyone, First this website does not send me an email when someone replies to this thread so sorry for the very late replies. The google drive link I have posted last year is still the latest and best thing I have found to date. I no longer have my Yaris but that is what I did use for the Fujitsu head unit 100186. Thanks,
  2. Fat32 format paste files in root folder ie just throw them on, should work after a few restarts of the head unit. Leave the SD inside forever.
  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B38zNddW8P_KUGgwZFZ0ZlZ1bTQ
  4. Hi guys, just logged in and found all these messages! Still haven’t found the original files but I will share ones I found that somehow did work, one sec.
  5. I got it working but if there are update files to the system again check my model number or david.obaid@hotmail.com to send me the update files thanks.
  6. Already tried unfortunately Yaris isn't getting it even though formatted as Fat32, i'm tech savvy so pretty sure
  7. Nope I have went through the whole thing and my model number is different need some help :)
  8. Just bought a used Toyota Yaris YRS 2013 NCP131R 3Door with radio unit 100186 and its missing some files to boot the system that are supposed to be on an SD card but never got it with the car. Anyone who has these files please email at david.obaid@hotmail.com or gdrive share on speed90005@gmail.com Thanks,