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  1. Thanks for your replies! 1. Its had a pretty nice life, owned by 2 previous owners, a mother and then her daughter, both used public transport or rode bikes as much as they could, this was mainly driven for things public transport or bikes cant get to or practical for, so like shopping 2. this is the first hatchback i have ridden in the back of that i was actually paying attention, i should test to see if wagons do the same thing too 3. Tires i got new when i got the car, and have them pumped to whatever level was put in at the tire store, so maybe i am just being a little agressive off the line 4. tried both your reverse methods, and found the one that always works is going to first then reverse, the clutch adjust and then reverse, either i couldn't get the hang of it or it didn't work too much, i think i will stick with the 1st then reverse method again thanks for your replies, you have helped me out with driving it daily! and I thank you for that!
  2. Hey Hey guys, I am new here, and new to the car ownership scene, as of December 1 last year i became the owner of my first car, a seemingly stock (minus roof racks) Manual 2006 Toyota Corolla, however as i experience this car more, the more i think it isn't completely stock. okay so questions be coming! 1. So first things first, i get told this all the time so i am asking actual corolla owners, is 120,000km on the clock just out of a corollas break in period? because when i bought this car it had 119,873 on the clock and since then i have put around 3000 more kms on it 2. does anyone have a video or sound clip of the stock exhaust note of a my model corolla? I heard mine for the first time riding in the back of it the other day and it seems to have a much deeper note than when sitting in the front allows you to hear, yet it looks like it still has the stock muffler, it just doesn't sound like other corollas i have heard driving past or near me 3. is it normal to spin the front tires on flat ground? like it feels so much easier to spin the tires than other cars, so easy that i sometimes do it accidentally setting off from a stop 4. it it normal for the car to sometimes not go into reverse after starting it?, sometimes after the car has been parked for maybe 14-15 hours or more, the car will be hard to put into reverse, like it feels like it gets stuck on something, you can tell its not fully in because the gearbox doesn't make the *thunk* sound it always does when shifting in 5. so my clutch pedal squeaks when applied and the gear linkage i think squeaks when going into 1st, 5th and reverse, but no other gears, i dont mind the squeak, but how would i go at fixing it if i ever decide to stop it squeaking? i know my way around cars as much as a guy can get from YouTube, but have never really messed with anything physically so its essentially starting from square 1, and don't want to pull stuff out only to find a more convenient, less pulling apart way 6. how low does the idle normally get when the car is warm and at its best, because sometimes it feels a little rough 7. how how quickly does the car normally accelerate and how powerful does it normally feel? to me my car feels very zippy, like it has power in all 5 gears, and of the 20 something cars i have driven in the past, only 2 other cars have driven like this, a stock 04 Toyota echo and a turbo converted 05 Subaru liberty that is all i thinks i have haha, i have lurked on this forum in the past when my dad owned a 06 Aurion AT-X and you seems like pretty cool guys, hope to hear from you soon! Here is my corolla the day I got it, at the time it had some faded paint on the bonnet, cracked paint on the front bumper, scratched window tint on the rear left window and the whole front right is a bit out of alignment (pannels wise), since then Sydney drivers and other dickheads haven't been nice to it, got a few scrapes and spider web cracks from people reversing into the back end, nothing that a new bumper couldn't fix, both mirrors have been tapped while i was parked, left by a white car and right by a yellow car, tons of scratches, many vertical ones caused by the trees i have to park under at work, and some ******* tried to get in a fight with me when i went fishing with a few mates, i ignored him and walked off, returning to my car to find approx 10cm key scratches on quite a few areas of the car, but as much as people say "you live in sydney this is expected" and "its bound to happen because it's a nice car" it still annoys me that i can't cant keep it as pristine as the day i bought it, i have plans for this car, but apart from replacing the cyclist sticker when it falls off with MCM "chopped" fingers and putting those window shield things on, nothing is really priority apart from keeping it running as long as i can