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  1. Is this a good buy?

    Hi guys, Im from NZ and on the hunt for a mid/large sized sedan, just had a baby and the Mazda Hatchback isn't cutting it this has popped up and I really like the look of it and having driven a 2GRFE before ( even though it was shoehorned into a MR2 ) I know what great motors they are. Now correct me if I'm wrong but this is a 2012 and I'm guessing it's the very last of the "XV40" model? Is this also what's referred to as a facelift? The one thing that really puts me off is the interior dash! It's so plain! Is there any trim kits you can buy to jazz it up a bit? My mates trying to convince me to get a FG XR6, but there's just some part of me saying "don't do it!" Last question is, what are they like with a baby capsule in the back? Is there sufficient front legroom? I note the front seats have a rather curved back on them cheers