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  1. 99 Tarago transmission issue

    Honestly mate im not 100% on how to do that, it doesnt have a seperate area for gear fluid would it happen to share either the break or power steering fluid do you know or is it a dry clutch?
  2. 99 Tarago transmission issue

    Gday all sorry if this isnt explained great im not great with mechanics, my 99 Tarago is having a clutch/transmission issue. It went perfectly well in the morning then when I got in it in the afternoon it feels as if the clutch only has the bottom half of the pressure when I push it in and there for the gears wont engage, also the top half of the clutch when I slowly push it in shudders a bit? Can anyone help me is this an easy problem? I asked a few mechanics and I got told atleast 1000$ and I definitely dont have that right now lol. Thanks for the help all.