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  1. Wondering if anyone is able to help with a 'dealership set' code to get my 2005 Toyota Corolla radio to work after a flat battery. Bought from Harris Freer Toyota in Berwick. I've lost the card that had the code on it, it's not the last 3 digits of vin, I tried that. Apparently each dealership sets its own generic code for all its cars, but without knowing it I need to take it in & have it decoded for $88.
  2. Radio after flat battery

    Have entered the vin off the windscreen , manual & plate (all the same). (Ex) Partner had previously tried all sorts of combinations, hence it going to the 'help' screen after the last attempt of the vin. Spoken to Toyota & they will not provide the number, so I was hoping someone had bought a car from the same dealership & I could try their code, if it wasn't their vin number. I have found how to revert back to the screen where I can enter the code, I just need the right one. I refuse to pay $88 to get a code that I'm hoping someone knows 😧