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  1. Welding '97 hilux rear diff

    Thats what everything comes down to when you're modifying cars, Cheers anyway mate.
  2. Welding '97 hilux rear diff

    Cheers mate, The previous owner put a 3 inch lift on it so it's currently not legal anyway but I guess a welded diff will bring more attention to it, But I will definitely try pick up a secondhand locker before welding it.
  3. Welding '97 hilux rear diff

    G'day guys, I own a '97 dual cab ln106 hilux which I believe came out of the factory with an open rear diff as it is not a top of the range model. Recently I went 4wding with a mate who owns the same generation hilux but he has an air locker in the rear and his car was way more capable offroad (mostly sand dunes/beach and hillclimbs). Now I would love to put an air locker or E-locker in mine but spending $1000+ on one doesn't sound like the greatest investment for a 20 year old ute that's worth about $4000. So after doing some research I found that welding the rear diff would pretty much the same job apart from that i wouldn't be able to turn it off/unlock the diff. I've only ever heard of people welding diffs on burnout/drift cars and I know I will get skipping when turning slow and sharp corners (e.g carparks) and increased tyre wear. But i wanted to know if anyone has experience in welding diffs on hiluxs or even any 4wds at all and if the axles and components will be able to handle the extra load and stress