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  1. Hi Vegemite, I'm looking at getting an aftermarket head unit for my 2016 Kluger. I have already made inquiries about this with a couple of retailers, & they all told me that the unit I have chosen (Pioneer 8850BT) will work with the factory camera. Maybe all you need is an adapter for yours. I will need a replacement aerial for the FM/AM, & there are wiring harnesses for the steering wheel controls, although the volume & track seek buttons will definitely work, but they are unsure about the phone "Answer" & "Hang-up" as well as the voice control button. How did you go with your steering wheel controls?
  2. Hi all. I'm keen on replacing the factory stereo unit in my 2016 Kluger GXL. Looking at a Pioneer 8850BT & maybe upgrading the speakers (Maybe a hideaway sub as well), will be installed by a qualified person too. Has anyone put in an aftermarket unit in a 2014-2016 Kluger? Did you have any issues, like with the steering wheel controls, or any other electrical operations? Thanks in advance for your replys. Jason.
  3. Hi everyone. Name's Jason. I love my Toyotas, I own a 2010 SR5 HiLux, & a 2016 GXL Kluger. Past cars are a 1995 Celica SX, & 2008 Kluger KX-R. Hoping to get any advice on aftermarket head units for my '16 Kluger.
  4. calo78

    aircon problem

    Had the same problem in my '08 KX-R. My mechanic couldn't find a leak anywhere & put it down to it coming from where the line comes out of the compressor. He put a sealant in the line when & re-gassed it & seems to have fixed it. No problem for over 18 months.