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  1. Thought I'd circle back to the forum since I ended up doing a little revision the other day. The USB was a cheapo from eBay. My memory is that I typed "Toyota USB port" into search and picked the one that was the correct shape. I use a fuse tap to piggyback off some low importance fuse. It lasted about 6 months before the power slot died. I discovered it was burning out the fuse in the tap. It wasn't a big problem as I still had the port connecting to the stereo. A few months later that started to struggle and Apple Car Play was having all sorts of issues. I pulled out the USB port last week and ran the Kenwood head unit USB extension cords down to the passenger footwell. Getting power and syncing to Apple Car play without issue.
  2. Unveiling next month!
  3. The one in the photo is the original, but it sounds like cars earlier in the production run didn't come with this as standard. I'm also June 2017. So the recall for me was software patch, anyone earlier will also get the new cover which sounds like they would have done at first service anyway.
  4. Got mine today. The cover looks the same to my eye. Although I can hear the mechanics talking about the cover because my dash cam was running as they worked. ;)
  5. I haven't been contacted yet. I would think most of us are affected.
  6. Nice! Glad to hear it all came together.
  7. I have no issue with the speakers. I'm a happy chappy now the head unit is swapped out. Apple car play is a nifty little feature.
  8. Cheers! Videos are coming together. Hope to have the process up soon. :)
  9. Cheers! Running the Dashcam and Mic are probably the most fiddly of the jobs. Lots of video shot, will put it all together in a week or so.
  10. I've had a productive evening.
  11. The OEM prices are ridiculous! Definitely worth the wait to build something that is plug and play.
  12. Do you have an ETA on the part you need? Fingers crossed it's not a long wait. Everything going to plan with work tomorrow I should be able to finish early and make a start on the stereo. I am working on separate videos for the Dash Cam and Head Unit, so I'm trying to structure it out ahead of time so everything flows and makes sense. Just me shooting on my phone, lighting is a challenge in the dark interior but I want to turn out something useful to anyone else interested in the CHR.
  13. The post brought two more parts today. Just waiting for the USB port to arrive, which I can always do later. Not sure I can wait for the weekend!
  14. Public service announcement. Don't use the 10A port on the multimeter. That is all. 😱 (Now replaced and working again)
  15. This evening's tinkering was on fuse box underneath the glove box. The three empty fuse slots are constantly powered, they would be a perfect place to fuse tap in for a Dash Cam with a parking mode. The Kenwood cam I'll be using will solder into the Kenwood Head Unit's harness. Interior cabin lights (DOME 7.5A fuse) are constantly powered. After twenty minutes if the ignition has not been turned on the lights will switch off, however, the fuse circuit still has power and could also be tapped as a constant power source. I'd just stick with utilising the empty fuse slot personally. Playing with orientations of the fuse tap revealed that the supplied fuses that arrived today are really quite garbage. The coloured plastic separated from the metal when I pulled them out from the fuse tap. Hardly a shocker given it was cheap eBay crap. I'm satisfied with the quality of the fuse tap itself, but I'll be popping back to Jaycar for some decent Low Profile Mini Blade fuses for peace of mind.