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  1. Look forward too seeing the new head unit go in. Very keen on doing this (but not myself 😬)
  2. Took me ages to figure out how to mute Sat Nav. Went to Home Screen > Settings > Voice ....you can lower the voice here or turn it off by unchecking Automatic Nav Guidance. Thought it would be in actual nav screen 🤔
  3. Avg of 6.8 after 900k. Not sure what dealr put in for first tank, but second tank was filled with 98. It feels smoother, quieter and faster after putting in 98. Most of my driving has been work commute (city link - through carlton) so generally heavy traffic. Pretty happy with this result.
  4. The most useful feature in the app is being able to send destination to the unit from your phone. The traffic info in the nav is also handy. The other feature I like is it reads your texts for you - went into Bluetooth settings, clicked on CAR MULTIMEDIA and activated 'show notifications'. Handy indeed. Hope they include Spotify. So they have a 'team' ? No updates in 2 years on the app...what have they been doing? That said - Spotify via bluetooth or USB is perfectly fine. Via USB also shows album art. This head unit is growing on me. Compared to Sync 1 in my old Ford, it has a lot more features and is easier to use.
  5. True. It doesn't have one though but no biggie as the ACC more than makes up for it! First time letting the car do all the braking was mentally taxing but I've quickly come to trust it. The strange bit for me was increasing or decreasing the speed as I was going by the speedo and not the speed indicator in the info screen. I was holding the stalk up and setting the speed way too fast. Quickly sorted that. Loving the LDA and Blind Spot, which is a neck saver and with that fat b-pillar is a must. The steering wheel assist is brilliant - just a beep and nudge to let you know you're straying. Super handy on the tight Tulla freeway lanes at the mo. The biggest surprise for me has been the engine. This thing has amazing performance which belies it's 1.2 size. It's super smooth, has virtually no turbo lag, sits on 1900rpm at 100k and feels like a 2.0. I am coming from a 1.8 diesel in the Ford Focus - the CHR feels quicker off the mark and accelarates almost as well (with just me in it). For it's size and the size of the car, it's impressive performance. Enjoying the slightly higher ride, not too high, but just enough to give you a more commanding view. The cloth seats are also very good - firm lumbar and side supports and nice almost racing seat shape where headrest blends in. Base model's headlights are pretty bright as are the foggies. Led lights wouldn't go astray for the interior (even my 4.5 year old focus used LEDs). No grab bars in the back is a pain for this suit wearing driver - need to ebay a hook for the back of the driver seat.
  6. Picked up car yesterday and just checked my nav version - june 2015. Likewise, spewing we didn't get the euro version which also has dab+. I read somewhere we got stuck with this unit because Toyota Touch 2 wasn't compatible with Toyota Link (which hasn't been updated in 2 years!). Pretty dumb reason if you ask me when the reviews on the app are woeful. The unit is ok but very laggy and when compared to the likes of the i30's new unit, it is miles behind. The sound is ok though with the bass turned right down, middle up and treble up. No equaliser or even presets like 'pop', 'rock', etc. The usb sticking out of the unit is pretty silly. it'll do the job for now - keen to see what others do. For the sake of $1k on a new head unit that's faster, bigger and more modern, could be worth it.
  7. Not an accessory for the car per se but a nice little gift from the dealer. Very handy indeed if you lose keys or phone.
  8. Baha - inside the car or outside? Was it the regular horn or different? So looking forward to trying out these features. Does it have a speed limiter? Read it does somewhere but can't find it in the manual
  9. Jeepers - $900 with $750 excess, no claim bonus, rental in case of theft, windscreen cover. Will be shopping around!
  10. Was a bit iffy when ordering but seeing them on I love them.
  11. I think it also has a speed limiter so you can set it to 60k and no matter how hard you press the accelerator it won't go over 60k. Better option for around town. Can't find it in the book. BTW how cool are the puddle lamps!
  12. Picked up the red devil haha. So happy - pretty nervous on the short drive home. Turned a few heads. Just waiting on side garnishes which they said were on back order (e.g someone forgot)...looks ok without them. So smooth and zippy.
  13. I just realised - saw a dud torrent . Such a long wait. Not long now for the delivery - shouldn't be long once the dealer has it.
  14. Hi, have just arrived back . All sorted, picking up the beast tomorrow! Now for some GOT goodness. And Westworld is back too. Can barely contain myself.
  15. My slacker dealer is just getting around to putting my side steps and mudflaps on! No idea - banging on about stock controller, safety, fuses etc. getting a rocket up the clacker today 😖