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  1. Hi, my Corolla has had this vibration for a couple of months now, which is very annoying. It only happens once I get above 90 KM/h and gets worse the faster I go. At first I thought it was the front tires so I changed them and got them balanced, and it still persists. Had a slightly bad rear driver's side bearing and just thought the problems were related but that was not it neither as I changed it to. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi guys. I got a 4 cylinder, 7AFE, AE112r conquest lift back which vibrates when it is idling in nuetral. The vibrating reducing by half when the air conditioner is on. When the car is moving I can't feel any vibrating at all. I checked the engine bay with the hood up and the vibrating is about twice as bad on the drivers side.
  3. Hi. I drive a 1998 corolla conquest, and the reason I still drive it is because it won't break down.