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  1. New guy questions

    Nothing major by the sounds of it then, i'll make sure to check the pump for any signs of the pump leaking, might preemptively seal the lights if i have the time. Thanks for the advice mate
  2. New guy questions

    Well that doesn't like anything that can't be fixed. I should have mentioned its an auto. i'll have limited tools so i probably wont be doing tranny fluid till it gets home.
  3. Hi Guys, New to Corolla scene, just got a few questions i thought i'd ask. Picking up 08 Rolla over the easter break, only got about 30k on the clock, it's getting a good going over before i drive it back, full fluid flush and the usual inspections. Is there any common faults or issues i should be aware of or keep an eye out for? Planning on putting about 3k on the clock just getting it home. Also i've been going through the forums looking at ideas for basic mods. Right now nothing drastic as i do still have another car as a project, but it worth doing something like this CAI thats been posted on the forum or is it worth forking out for a brand name unit? Many other questions to be had regarding locating sway bars and braces but they can wait till another day. Thanks guys