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  1. JBL sound system in 2017 Camy Sx

    Thanks, good advice. I've started to get used to them and also I suspect the speakers have "run in" somewhat and are sounding better.
  2. Am thinking the same, non hybrid 2017 Camry sx
  3. JBL sound system in 2017 Camy Sx

    Hi all, Just got a new 2017 Camy SX (has the 10 speaker JBL system) and very happy with it except the sound quality doesn't quite suit my taste, I fine the mid drivers facing the front windshield rather harsh and tinny. Anyone else find this or just me? I am an ex sound engineer and love JBL pro gear so was quite surprised. Low end is quite acceptable. Any thoughts on something to switch out the four mid drivers with and if so would you get the dealer to or elsewhere? I'm in Victoria. Cheers!