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  1. Hi , Can anyone suggest good tyres for 2008 toyota camry altise. I was using continental and it got over after completing around 35k. Thanks Jude
  2. Any other valuable suggestions like kmart, ultratune and all ??
  3. Hi, I have a 2008 toyota camry altise. I would like to do a 120000km service for my car. Can anyone please suggest a good service centre for camry in north melbourne(Near to heidelberg, Greensborough, Thomastown). Do I need to go on with a Log book service. Please help me with your valuable suggestions. Thanks Jude
  4. Hi Trent, I bought 2008 model camry from Camberwell toyota and I paid around extra $1000 to maintain the warranty and to get capped price servicing. In order to maintain this warranty, the condition was to service the vehicle on every six months. I was not knowing the Camry needs to service only on every 9 months only. I paid extra money if it was a major service. if we look for last three years, serviced on every six months for $200 is $1200 + $1000 = $2200 + Extra money for major services. The other side is if I serviced on every 9 months, I could have done all these services as major worth rupees $500 each and still the total cost will be less than the above one ie max $2000. After I bought the car I changed four tyres and battery. I just had 25000 km's in 3 years. What I meant to tell you, don't believe these dealers used cars because they want only service money from customers. Now I feel that there was no use in servicing in an authorized service center.
  5. Thanks Ashley for your suggestions. I have been to the toyota service center canon and Camberwell Toyota. Since the warranty got expired, they are not even minding this problem. I spoke and gave feedback to toyota company and they dont have any responsibility what a dealer is doing. Do you think the consumer affairs will take any positive decision if it is not under warranty.
  6. Thanks Antik for your opinion. I have been to Bell Auto Electrical and he recommended me to repair it for around $230, so that I can keep the original on the car. I think I can go with that option. What do you say.
  7. I am from north melbourne near to Greensborough. I have 2008 Camry Altise automatic. I bought this used car from certified toyota. There was a sound coming when I give the accelerator and take off the accelerator. I have been to toyota service center and they advised me to change the alternator and they gave me a quote of $1000. I bought this car from a certified toyota Camberwell dealer. I was doing all the services from toyota authorised service center Canon toyota . I just completed the warranty and problem started with alternator. Ripping off the customers money specifying certified toyota car. Do I need to spend $1000 to change the alternator. Can anyone suggest a good place to change the alternator. Please give your valuable suggestions.. Thanks