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  1. Just an update. I went to Brisbane and the alternator died. Got a new one for $400 + $250 fitted. It is now a bit quieter and drink less petrol. Lesson learn don't ignore the signs!!
  2. Just replaced the belt with Gates. Bought on ebay for $50. Took me 2:45h. Lets see if it is quiet and smooth tomorrow. 🙂 I checked the alternator is charging the battery so I may not change it yet. Re cost. one quote me recon replacement for $180, recon my own alternator for $200 if with installation $350.
  3. The alternator and belt you posted would fit my car, but would you recommend those brand??
  4. Hi Ashley, I have not used anti-seize lubricant but will check again. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hi, I think my alternator is slowly dying (whining noise but charging is fine atm) and I want to replace the alternator and the engine belt as well. I need a bit of guidance here as when I look up there a a few alternator and I don't know which one to choose. Can anyone recommend one please? I also want to replace the engine belt. Can anyone recommend me a quiet one please? If DIY what tools do I need? When replacing the alternator and engine belt what else to I need to replace as well? Thanks for your help. Edit: I have a RAV4 2010 2.4l CV. 2nd edit: my mechanic that i trust quoted me $300. I think that is a good price. What do you think?
  6. Just wanted to update this thread ... I finally changed the spark plug SK20R11 (90919-01237) at 118tkm. It was very easy with a spark wench. The old plugs were not too bad, inside it was clean. Just on the other note: I also changed the coolant, cleaned the throttle body and air sensor, changed engine air filter and cabin filter and of course oil and filter changed as well. I also washed the engine bay. My rav4 2010 run like a dream now. :)
  7. There are really quiet, no noise when reversing or braking. Most of the time I do driving around the city and I am not an aggressive driver. Lets see how long the HI-Q will last. Hi-Q is Korean brand.
  8. There are differences in US and Australia manual. US manual suggests changing every 100,000miles and here 100,000km.
  9. Yes, you are right, I need to measure the rotor and pad size of my vehicle. Then go around shopping. I took the car to the mechanic, it will cost ~$400. Does anyone know about Hi-Q brake pads?
  10. Is there a standard size for all Brake Pads and Rotors?
  11. Hi, has anyone replaced Brake Pad and Rotor on their RAV4 2010? I think it will cost me $700 to get it done. I tried to find out how much it will DIY cost. And where to buy Pad and Rotor? Supercheap, Repco, Autobarn, ebay? Which brand? Just to add: after rotating the tyres I notice a squeaking noise when I drive around 10km/h but goes away at higher speed (no noise at 40km/h)
  12. I was exactly looking at the denso on ebay, but I will check the spark plug inside the engine, maybe I don't need to replace at all. My Toyota has only done 105.000km.
  13. thanks guys, so it is safe to order Denso SK20R11.
  14. Hi, I would like to change my spark plug but have several questions: which spark wench to I need 16mm or higher? Some site and my Manual says Denso SK20R11, but when I check on amazon it says that this will not fit my RAV4 2010 model. Now I am confused. Any ideas?