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  1. Hi there Looking to buy an Estima so wondering who you guys are looking at for insurance for grey imports?
  2. Looking at buying an Estima, so may be a Toyota owner soon!
  3. Good morning and thank you for the ad to this forum. I am looking to buy a second hand Estima - quite a few for sale with km's around the 80,000km - I figured that is a good time to ship them from Japan. I am looking at this car as I want a people mover that can also work(I do a renovation a year) and tow my old lady (vintage caravan) with ease. I figured the 4wd would be stronger and less likely to struggle when fully loaded and have to tow. I have never owned a Toyota before but everyone goes on about it being the most reliable vehicle around. My questions are: 1. 4WD - is this a good choice? > any known issues? > anything I should check before going ahead? 2. Is this a good towing vehicle? 3. Cost of service? > anything I should expect to have to replace in the next 10,000km? 4. The car I'm looking at has 74,000km and is a 2004 Estima Aeras Auto 4WD > anything particular I should know about this type of car? > any particular test/check I should do before buying? > what kind of live span should I expect to get out of this car?