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  1. Hey guys I put up a post a month ago about having lift problems in my 04 stivo so my cars been at the mechanics for a month and just got word from him that his finished my car. Now i had to order the lift bolts from the UK cause it was to hard to find them here. The mechanic just wrote to me saying that he could only replace 1 lift bolt the other was a small bolt and the lift bolts I got where to big has anyone else had this issue is it normal or should I be worried waiting for replys cheers guys
  2. Cheers for the campbeam iv just taken the car to my mechanic and told him to change the oil do a flush clean the lift screen change the lift filter and also change lift bolts
  3. Squalled the car runs well as is I just don't push it to over 5000 rpm no issues it does have 215k on the clock it never misses a beat for the ks it's got its only had this problem for 3 weeks and no lying the oil is black as is the 2zz the same as in the celica or do you have any videos on how to clean the lift screen and also what should I try first sorry about all the questions just want to get this solved and lift on lol
  4. Hey squalled once I go into lift around 6000rpm it will engage with no push or power just feels flat and the mechanic I sent it too didn't really have a clue what's wrong with it I guess only sportive owners will understand I just want my solid lift back it is due for a service it's a very slight lift engagement with no push or power just feels flat any ideas?
  5. Hey guys I'm looking for corolla sportivo mechanics in the Sydney area I'm from Olympic park homebush and info let me know cheers
  6. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has a stock cat back exhaust for a 04 corolla sportivo in need for Rego/noise reduction or if anyone knows any areas in Sydney that I can get one from cheers!
  7. Thanks a lot guys for the comments hard to get help these days but use are on the ball just to sum up everything my corolla has go 200+ kms on the clock but still goes well for what it is I'm guessing it will be lift bolts or it possibly has clogged up with gunk thanks again I'll look into these issues and let yluse know how I went respect and thanks a million
  8. Hi guys I'm new to this site and also new with my 04 corolla sportivo just last week as I was entering lift it didn't feel tough as it did when I got it then after checking again for lift it just felt like a vvt with no lift push what so ever iv taken it to my mechanic and his told me it might be something to do with fuel cutout at those rpms I don't think his correct could use plz help me get my lift back or guide me to fix this issue cheers

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