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  1. The specs and pricing are up for the 2018 model, I'm not sure it's cheap enough despite it being the cheapest hybrid for sale in Australia.
  2. The time has come for the family to try a "lifestyle" vehicle. We like the HiLux and D-Max. Does anyone on here have a 2017 SR5? Before purchase did you consider a D-Max? The HiLux doesn't seem to get a lot of respect from motoring writers who all bang on about the Amarok. CarConversation rated it highly though: I welcome your thoughts, the D-Max is considerably cheaper.
  3. After thinking about the lack of love for the Fortuner, does anyone think it's the name?
  4. I've only used 95 to date.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the replies. Very interesting to keep monitoring this. How many of you are using 98?
  6. My brother has just ordered a 2017 Crusade, metallic blue with caramel interior leather. There are good deals on these, nobody is buying them. Even in country Vic, no love for the Fortuner (a horrible name), everyone just goes for the default HiLux.
  7. The reason Toyota along with some other brands are cautious is they have no control over what data Apple and Android are collecting. Android in particular collect masses of data, often without the user being aware. The other issue is control over the user experience. Toyota is keen to maintain complete control over everything the user interacts with in their models. With CarPlay and Android manufacturers give up this control to a third party. At this stage, not having these options isn't hurting sales, so there isn't need for it to be added.
  8. JPBJK

    2017 C-HR Koba

    I think it was about 9 weeks but there are people I know who are still waiting for theirs.
  9. Hi All, Just wondering how other C-HR's are performing fuel wise? Currently I can't get below 7.3L/100km no matter how carefully I drive. I came across a good review where it mentioned they got the test car to match the promoted figure: but I was wondering how everyone else's C-HR was on fuel? Anyone get below 6.4L/100km??
  10. JPBJK

    2017 C-HR Koba

    I have a 2WD Koba. Will be the daily driver for the next six months to replace an old Echo. Feel free to ask any questions.
  11. Hi All, I'm new here. Have had lots of Toyota's in the family. Currently in and out of a lot of different models and have access to people working at Toyota so can answer lots of questions. I like to do lots of researching on lots of different sites as well. I'm looking forward to being part of the community. Cheers