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  1. Hi, I was wanting touch up a few stone chips, while washing roof I noticed roof rack channel had significant paint flaking off, I barely touched it and along the whole edge from back to front is... well see attached fotos. Its a Rav 4 2012 cv we have had it for about 5yrs bought second hand. I can understand stone chips and or scratches but this seems to be something altogether. On both sides of roof. How long is a factory paint guaranteed for for a toyota Thanks Ken
  2. that makes sense. the rubber was in there when i took coil out. the spark plug socket got stuck in the tube around the rubber which i pushed down. i had to put some wd40 and twisted and pulled for about 5 min before i could actually get the socket out. so it been in there from whenever, i have only had car for week now. Thanks Mark i will assume it does not belong there. Could not find a name, but person from swan ignition coils has been great with advice and info https://au.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/45808-swan-ignition-coils/
  3. thanks Ashley will definitely change plugs, by the way do you know if i have to put the rubber sleeve over the top of the plug? see foto thanks
  4. Hi Kroeger, was hoping to avoid a massive cost at the moment. I will try the other suggestions. thanks
  5. Hi all my first post, I have just bought a Carolla ascent sport 2014. 115000km , 6 speed manual. I have a driving school and have noticed that at take off the revs drop off almost stalling. I am no stranger to manual as I teach manual in my driving school. even on level road if i let clutch out slowly car shudders and i have to really keep revs up over 1.5, idle is just on 1. Once i get going its great after second there is instant power and drives exceptionally well. checked one spark plug ngk platinum ? seems Ok? any ideas how i can improve take off. Thanks Ken

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