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  1. Climate Control

    Not how functioned in my previous vehicles - aircon would light up when set to lower temp when under Auto If I have to select Aircon and have lit - The light indicates its running all the time right - even when you pump heater up to max - aircon is still on
  2. CH-R recall

    That's Good to know
  3. Climate Control

    With the warmer weather I am using the Climate control a bit more. I find it it very strange compared to my past vehicles Normally a low temp setting and Auto engages the air-conditioner But I also have to select the ac button as well or I just get hot air blowing at a fast rate Is everyone else's like this ?
  4. CH-R recall

    Nor I :( I'm just getting over the Airbag recall for the wife's old Corolla which has been dragging on forever
  5. Replacing the speakers?

    Hi there Really ? I have not even looked at these, so sorry I can't really answer your question but I find the sound adequate There is a graphic equaliser in the head unit which should let you tweak some But this is what i will be looking to replace will be number one on the hit list see separate thread Sure your wife will love it !
  6. C-HR Head Unit

    Good job Chitty ! Yes it looks great !
  7. C-HR Head Unit

    You guys amaze me I would not attempt any of this in a fit ! Maybe on my old 1992:seca 😁
  8. C-HR Head Unit

    its one of these
  9. C-HR Head Unit

    Probably everyone has their new units in Just wondered about phone connectivity with all of you with stock head unit I often miss calls or cant make them The Phone actually rings (usually on silent in my pocket) or if i try to dial out - nothing appears on the head unit but the phone itself will initiate the call Which I then can't hear because there in no Audio Therein the problem it says phone connects when get int he car but when checking Bluetooth profile on phone - Phone audio is not, and can't be selected Rebooting Un-pairing and re-pairing both, I can manage to connect and have phone audio on - on the profile But I know eventually the same will happen again Toyota don't claim compatibility with all phones maybe it's my phone ?
  10. Cracked windscreen

    I believe it was a problem with Turkey manufactured vehicles only that had Dab radio I think that seemed to be the common factor
  11. C-HR Head Unit

    Lol Chitty.. At least you know they didn't dump an old head unit in your car Part of the problem is they designed the trim differently for the Aussie models ( and maybe US as they get a 7") You can see the ghosted pic of a flipped Aussie dash I have overlaid on the Euro Model below we are being dicked on some millimetres
  12. C-HR Head Unit

    Probably not what you are after and this is more for European models with diff units but there are a few good manuals here Link
  13. Customisation and Accessories

    Here's a console caddy I purchased of ebay that arrived today and is now in my console Bought from the same vendor that supplied the Gate slot kit so all matches Link for any of you that may be interested
  14. C-HR Head Unit

    Yeah - I found this too eventually - its really annoying - in the end I muted her in my previous unit you could adjust the sat nav volume with the knob when she was speaking - if not would adjust the actual music/volume
  15. Complimentary Service, worth the bother?

    i had it done - It was free - why not ? - I organised it for first appointment at 8:30 and was over by 9:30