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  1. Hi Prodigy, See my reply above ^^ For whatever reason the light wasn't properly mounted in its housing. I pulled the housing out, disconnected the wiring and mounted the light into the housing properly and that was it. Easy fix :)
  2. Hey, I found instructions on how to fix this. Thought I'd post in case someone finds this post and it's useful. You can open the housing for the centre brake lamp from the back seat. Slide the housing to the right then pull the housing towards you and then you can lift it up. There's not a lot of length on the wiring to work with and as usual the clip is a pain to undo but it can be done. I guess the lights on the lamp in question went out at some point and whoever replaced it didn't clip the light back into the housing properly -_-
  3. Hi, I have a 2012 atara sl. The middle brake light that sits on the rear deck has come unstuck on one side and is now hanging lop sided. Anyone know how to access it? I'm pretty sure I just need to put some good double sided tape on it and stick it back but it looks like I'll have to take off part of the inside of the boot to get to it. Not sure though. Ta