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  1. I recently bought this fuse tap and this 12v to 5 micro usb box but cannot get anything to charge from it. Here's how I've wired it so far. I'm currently tapping the 10A horn fuse which measures 12v with the ignition on or off and I get 12v from the tap too. After crimping the tap to the power box though I get no charge. Even when I hold the other ground? cable to the chassis. The ground cable does measure 12v though and I'm not sure how to measure the micro usb. I've tested it to see if my phone charges or a USB drive lights up and had no success though. I've tried crimping the red wire from the power box and grounding the black but I get the same result. My guess is the power box is faulty but maybe someone else has a better idea of what's going on here? Cheers for any help.
  2. Thanks Trent, the car hasn't been recorded as in an accident but it sounds like it may have. Will it be obvious what the latch supports look like?
  3. I'm not sure if this is normal for my car or the mechanism is broken/stuck but when I pull the latch to open the hood it feels very loose like nothing is connected and there is no "pop". The hood doesn't move but if I slide my finger under it I can still open it so it is unlocking at least. I can see the top of the mechanism hook rotates left and right as the lever is pulled but I can't remove the front engine bay covers to get a better look. Some of the mounting holes have screws and others have caps as you can see in the attached pics. I've pulled with a bit of force on the caps but I feel like they will break before the cover gives way. The screws don't unscrew as if there's no thread. Is there a trick to getting these off lol? Thanks for any help guys.
  4. Thanks Ashley, no idea how you found what the bolt is for lol your a legend!
  5. I recently bought this Corolla which has a tool I've never seen before in the spare tyre space. It doesn't seem to clip in anywhere so I'm doubting it came with the car. Does anyone know what it's for? There was also this loose bolt in the glove box which I'm not too sure if it came from the car or not. The tool and bolt are in the attached pic. Thanks for any info on these :)