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  1. Hey mate that's incredible to see another Gen 5 sporting these brakes (pun intended?) How did you mount the rear calipers? Did you have to use custom brackets and what handbrake hardware?
  2. Thanks mate I know the rears won't work with the stock brackets, I'm getting new ones fabricated. Unless you mean altogether? What do you mean exactly by "kicked sideways" ? I still need to change the banjo fitting right? I am 50/50 about buying another caliper, if the right one works properly on the left without any issue, do I really need to?
  3. Just started using this site again and daaamn, I didn't think anyone lived near me :) Thanks man, I kept falling out of the stock seat on trackdays and my mate was selling it....so why not :D Genuine Recaro too!
  4. Sorry if this topic is in the wrong section, but as I'm dealing with a 2005 Camry I suspect this is the best place to put it.... Has anyone got any experience installing TRD Aurion calipers and rotors onto a 2005 Camry? I bought a full set of calipers, rotors and pads to install, however I have run into a couple of issues, and was hoping someone here could help. 1/ The kit I bought has two front RIGHT calipers, as opposed to a left and right one, so if I install a caliper on the left, the bleed valve would face downwards. Now I have a few friends who have installed Brembos that're like this, and they say they've never encountered an issue. The only issue they see, and I also see, is when it comes to bleeding, The caliper will need to be unbolted so the bleed valve faces up. Has anyone experienced or done anything similar (Installing the same caliper on both sides of a car)? 2/ The brake hose banjo fittings on the Camry will not fit onto the TRD calipers, because there is a straight, raised edge/lip next to the hole on the caliper. My mechanic says it needs a straight edged one, but I, for the life of me, cannot find any pictures of/or anything to do with the brakes on/from a TRD Aurion. Has anyone got any pictures of the back of a TRD Aurion caliper with the hose fitted, or know of any brake hoses I can buy? The closest I can find after hours of scouring the Googles is this : http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-AURION-TRD-2007-2009-brake-upgrade-SAFEBRAKE-Performance-Hoses-/170807523724?hash=item27c4ebf98c The title says TRD Aurion, but the pictures do not show a square edge? 3/ Will I need to upgrade the brake booster, or whatever that entire unit in the corner of the engine bay is called? Thanks in advance for the help :)

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