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  1. Multiple Brake Problems

    Had a sound like the rear passenger bearing was on the way out, we removed the hub and bearing which seems to be in reasonably good condition. What we did notice when removing the hub, one side of the hand brake shoe was catching on the hub which made it difficult to remove, the other side was fine, was wondering if that could be the noise I am hearing, one shoe being engaged and rubbing on the hub although the handbrake is off, we also noticed one pad is wearing out more on the inside than the outside creating a wedge shape on the same wheel. We also replaced the front pads, now for some reason there is a rattle on the passenger side but none on the drivers side. We have checked and doubled checked everything but cant find the reason. The rattle happens mainly at slow speed on bumpy roads, when I engage the brakes the rattle seems to disappear. We have put the shims on correctly and also used brake grease on both sides exactly the same so I am dumbfounded to the reason why one side rattles… Any ideas and help? Rav4 2004 Cruiser 2.4 Cheers
  2. Rav4 Front Brake Clips

    I need to one set of front brake clips for one wheel only for my 2004 Rav4 Cruiser ACA23R I have found a complete set only for both wheels on Ebay for $70!! and I only need them for one wheel so Im not buying them lol Any ideas where I can get them cheaper? the wreckers here in Tassy say they dont have any... Cheers
  3. Rear Wheel Bearing

    I need to replace a rear wheel bearing for my 2004 Rav4 Cruiser ACA23R the question I have, can I simply replace the bearing or do you have to change the whole hub? as all I can find for sale is the complete hub with the bearing. I presume you can simply remove the bearing itself and replace that without needing the whole hub! has anyone done that? Would anyone have the diagram for the rear bearing? I may be able to work it out from that... Cheers
  4. LED headlight globe problem

    I have recently installed new H4 LED globes in my Rav4 2004 Cruiser and have come across a strange problem that I cant workout, on high beam they work fine on low beam the high beam stays on as well as low beam. I have tried every possible polarity position and can be confident in saying that's not the issue. Has anyone else had this problem when installing LED headlight globes in a Rav4 or any other car. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers