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  1. For sale: Leadtek Nvidia Quadro FX 1800 - 768MB PCI Express Asking price; $400 (nego) Great card for AUTOCAD Selling to fund computer upgrades Card is in mint condition. Used for just over 3 months. Retails for over $800 Specifications: http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_quadro_fx_1800_us.html Free Express or Pickups welcome.
  2. heheh man i saw you that day too... L5 parra westfield shopping.. i was lucky ***** got parking
  3. dont really need it but i give you 15 bucks for it
  4. 2. MTEC Super White 4,350K (H9) - As new! Reason: I was originally going to use these for my foggies ages ago, but changed my mind in the end. Asking: $25 Note: The socket has been modified for use with H11 sockets. 65W H9 globes provide a lot more lighting that the 55W H11, 2100 lumens (H9) as opposed to 1200 lumens (H11). so these will fit sportivo fog lights??
  5. yeah but guess what.. the fuel drop like 4 cents in the arvo when i drove pass again... i just work at homebush ..so im always around lidcombe and shells
  6. oh hey im spotted.. thanks mate... what car were you in.. the blue yaris?? i cant remember P.S. using a mates account :P
  7. anything happening at the end of this month??
  8. no one interested.. ???? oh well i guess its just random
  9. any one interested in a random meet and greet at hungry jacks in cabra.. maybe wash your cars... say like tomorrow ??
  10. yeah r35 has beeen register for awhile now in syd.. there is a guy that imports them in lidcombe/homebush.... and for about 150k you can get one.. last time i check with him... when to his workshop one day.. he had like 4 of them sittin there...along with 2 ferrari's and a few R34 GTR vspec II...
  11. will you be gettin prices for TRD front and rear strut combo
  12. Hi Leroy.. Not sure what state you live in.. But, try this insurance company.. Apparently they're cheaper then AAMI, NRMA, GIO or Justcar www.budgetdirect.com.au It's $850 for me (full comprehensive insurance) Age: 24 agree value: $25,000 Mod: minor mods (filter, suspension) Hopefully, they will insure you cheaper then the one you've try.. =) Regards Hao
  13. Find a 4WD lexus RX330/Honda HRV and swap it's antenna.. =) J/K Lexus/Toyota dealership provides it.. For under $40bucks..
  14. are there any sydney places that stock those HID's? the catz, beam boy or bosch ultra ones? Not sure... I import them myself from Hong Kong/Japan....