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  1. Yes, apart from beer and motorcycles, hi fi is my other passion so I do have a mega system. However it tells no lies, a bad production will be amplified haha. Some productions are best left in the car as that's where they tend to sound the best, IMO. Unless beer is involved. Then everything sounds awesome, haha.
  2. Meh, you only pay once mate. And the poor little suckers will be working away under there now until the car dies I guess. Bugger of a job. Spend up! never seen Armaguard following a he@rse! The all singing, all dancing slotted versions were more expensive again. They are a nice product, I was worried they would rust, one of the guys at Empowered advised I didn't need to paint them, they are impregnated with some sort of gun metal grey coating, it looks like bare steel but it mustn't be, there is not rust marks etc yet, after maybe three or four washes. Now that the pads etc have all
  3. Hullo all, any experience with these? http://mypolaris.com.au/indash_gps/in_dash_gps/in-dash-gps.html Have read through a few threads here and I understand the 'get what you pay for' mantra, I use it quite a bit myself. But has anyone tried the Polaris product out? No relation to the snowmobile mob, I am told. They can also supply the fascia, as below- yes, as you are guessing, my CDP has finally refused to play discs. Will talk to Toyota about their 'exchange program' regarding the units as well. It has been fun, loading the CD with baited breath, waiting
  4. Yes, what Ian said. Here's what I ended up getting- Front- http://www.empoweredautoparts.com.au/toyota-aurion-trd-11-2006-on-front-disc-brake-roto~8912 Rear- http://www.empoweredautoparts.com.au/toyota-aurion-trd-2006-on-rear-disc-brake-rotors-w Rear callipers are single piston. It's funny, now I always hear a little ssshhhhhh when braking. Or is it the voices in my head. :D
  5. Three hours later, all good, the TRD calipers and RDA discs all fitted. Took for a spin to bed in, the inner driver side front rim got some stuff on it which alarmed me but was only some manufacturing scuzz out of the middle void of the front disc. Braking is already far more progressive and will only improve after some more bedding in. One can see the clearance on the 17 in King wheels (along with the scuzz if you look closely). Thanks again guys/girls. This will do me until I can afford a shed and then it will prolly be FPV GT time, haha. PS- tried to bleed with the Repco vacuum bl
  6. Ok here's what was in there, the original PBR stuff but a bit dressed up-
  7. Just got some plain RDA EBC's, wont look as sick whilst sitting down the shops but ah well, more beer vouchers left over. :D Shall take some pics of my old 17 in wheeled Granpa car and post once I get everything in. :D You never know what lurkers are getting something from all of this I guess. Daz
  8. Gentlemens, now the sickle (motorsickle) brakes have air holes all through them and that's good but do street car brakes need slots and dimples or is it mainly for cosmetics? They already have a dirty great cooling void down the guts and I note the original TRD discs do not have the slots/dimples. Just wondering what types to get before I pull the trigger, probably on some EBC jobbies. Thanks for the help so far, any thoughts? Personal preference? Fancy ones wear quicker? Slower?
  9. Thanks Lordster, as in the four wheel drive? OK. Didn't know that one!
  10. @MIKHALE thanks for the info and all good. Yes, am thinking what you said but am also thinking the 17in King wheels I run wont play ball either, one should not go onto E Bay after beers, haha. Am not an Aurion anorak, hence my first post, have been doing my own spannering for maybe 30 years as my road-and-track based thrills involve sports bikes and I need to know what's going on under me at 300km/h is all good, haha. I do very much like my Aurion though, for what I ask it to do, recently replaced the old mooshy struts etc with King springs and KYB gas shocks which has made it a bit
  11. OK. Will keep doing my own homework, I though I might get some assistance here from those experienced in this stuff.
  12. Hullo all, got some TRD calipers from E bay, went to fit them into my ATX 09 model today and the carrier fouls the stock disc, carrier a bit beefier in the lower section than the originals. Do I need TRD discs as well or do they simply not fit my car? Daz

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