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  1. @campbeam Cheers for the advice, I think i'll do an oil change/Engine Flush in January (if the oil condition isn't as bad as you described) and do that every 6 months or 5,000km
  2. @Codename47 Sorry for the lack of update, I've been swamped with work. After installing the PCV Valve, it was still blowing white smoke, but only on start ups. After about a week, the white smoke has stopped all together (only really shows when I start the car first thing in the morning, but it's extremely faint, so it's probably just moisture) I drive through a fairly open road on the way home from work, so I floor it/push it just to see if it was still blowing thick clouds of smoke whenever the VVTi/Downkick happens So far, no smoke. I think this has solved the issue, (Touch wood) Will keep this post updated if any changes occur. For anyone else thinking about replacing the PCV valve, it was only about $32 from the Toyota Parts Dealer
  3. Just giving an update! The white smoke issue has decided to "stop" now obviously cars don't fix themselves, so when I told my dad that the white smoke stopped, he immediately jumped to the PCV Valve, and reckons that left over sludge in the engine may have kept the valve open allowing the oil to be burned (as there are no oil leaks in the engine bay/pools in the driveway) Going into Toyota today to buy a new valve (or two so we have spares) i'll let you guys know how it turns out
  4. @Tony Prodigy No it doesn't, getting it to Toyota ASAP
  5. No I didn't race it, it was for the mighty car mods meet, it was sitting in a carpark all day
  6. Just giving an update. Had my car hoisted up on Friday 27/10/17 to get the Main cat removed (dont worry it still has 2 more) Noticed a large amount of black sludge on the under side of the car (It could be oil? Or it might be the grease from the drive shafts seeing as it had the solidly of grease. On Sunday 29/10/17 Drove upto winton raceway (3 hour drive) for a car meet, was doing pulls on straights but after I did the first pull, when the car downshifted it spewed white smoke again and has been since, mainly on startups and kickdowns/vvti kicks in Before leaving winton I checked the oil levels to be safe, and it used 3L of oil on the way to winton thankfully I had 5L nulon 5w30 in the boot Anyone know what might be going on?
  7. It's about a 3 hour drive from my place, so I've got a couple of mates ready for a road trip
  8. 2007 SX6, almost at 219,000km Slowly fixing the engine sludge issue (No thanks to the previous owners)
  9. I've been looking at HID Conversion kits and I tried doing a search on the forums but it came out with nothing. :/ With HIDs, I'm assuming the globe temps get hotter than halogens. Would they require a headlight squirt thing? What Wattage should I use? I've been looking at 55w What's a good temp? I don't really want the blue just a nice white
  10. Here is a link to the event on facebook Here is a link to a general entry pass Just seeing if any fellow Toyota enthusiast will be there!
  11. Might use this as a diary for my car! I haven't had the chance to update you all, but I recently purchased new rims for NiNi!! The rims I bought were PDW Oasis XT (Link for anyone interested) They're a glossy black, however the paint has metal flakes in them which makes them glitter when exposed to direct light I do apologize for the shoddy photos, the weather here in Geelong hasn't been great for photos
  12. Hi all! I've searched through the forums and i've found the type of globes my car takes, what i'm having issue is picking the temperature! According to 4300k and 5000k are not ADR (Australian Design Rules) approved. I'm guessing that means they're not legal for street use? I don't want to use 4100k as they're yellow and I want to avoid that I would like to get 6000k but I really don't feel like doing a HID Conversion (Just lack of motivation atm) Just wondering if anyone has had trouble with the law about their headlight globes and if I could get photo examples of a 4300k - 5000k (All the images on google vary too much to get an idea, some are yellow, some are white etc etc) If there are cheaper and reliable brands other than Phillips, that would be great to know but I'm assuming Phillips is probably my best bet Here are links to the globes i'm considering purchasing (Autobarn and supercheap charge so much more than ebay like wtf) Thanks in advance! Arnie
  13. Seeing as I haven't introduced her yet, meet Niko Niko! Or Niko or NiNi for short. It's a weird name but here me out. Toyota is a Japanese brand (obviously) Niko/Niko Niko is the Japanese word for Smile/Smiley The Aurion always looks like it's got a smile on it's face I'm also Asian and what some might call a "Weeaboo" Anyway, this is my car and she is very fast considering she looks like what a grandparent would drive. I've owned this car for a short time (Less than a month) and it's honestly one of the best purchases I've made! I love it, my friends love it! Commodore drivers hate it and that's okay with me! I'm not sure where I want to go with this car (in terms of build) I was thinking something that I could bring to meetups and have it turn a few heads so if there's anyone within that department let me know!
  14. I've chopped a few falcons and commodores and I only get 2 types of responses: The "I'm going to look ahead and pretend that didn't happen" The loser fly by (Not sure what term you use but it's where they just fly past you after losing)
  15. The seats or the car? The sears are just black and the car is Burgundy or "Spit Fire Red" as Toyota calls it