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  1. Toyota will replaced with a new battery for $2500 (after $500 back) but only a 1 year warranty even though the new car/new battery warranty is 8 years?! They acknowledged it was odd and assured me it would probably last more than the 11 years I got out of this one, but assurances are not warranties. I've actually cancelled it. The RAA here in SA were able to advise of repairer/service centre that deals a lot in Prius for taxis and I talked to them and they said it's often a related part not the battery itself, or they can determine which cell is faulty and replace it for a fraction of th
  2. Thanks campbeam. I note your 10 years comment. All I seem to be able to find is people saying "lifetime of the car" or just anecdotal comments like "mine needed replacing at xx years" where xx is often 11, 12, 13 and other comments like "mine is find at yy years" where yy is often up to 15. Really hard to get any idea what the average is, what an upper and lower decile might be. Interestingly the faults have all cleared by themself 2 days after they first appeared. Was not expecting that. I'm still booked in for a new battery next week. Worries me that it could've just been some fla
  3. I've got a 2006 Prius, purchased in 2010 with about 80k on the clock, now up to 195k. Was delighted and a bit smug and several friends/colleagues have purchased on my recommendation. Then out of the blue yesterday all the warning lights came on (engine shape and !) so I drove it to my usual Toyota service place (seemed a bit sluggish accelerating but only really once). They came back 20 mins later and said the HV battery is dying, $3000 to get a new one installed then $500 back from Toyota (for the old one I believe). 1 year warranty. I've read on here around 2013 people claim tha

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