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  1. Toyota Corolla Zr 2017 Automatic. 46km on clock! Had an additional parking sensors installed on car-optional extra-after i went through with deposit. Tested fine-demo drove twice-no issue. My stepdad drove it back home, fine, my stepdad drove it to the pedal extension fitters-again no issue. i drove it home, worked fine for several months-no problems. Rev's extremely high and speed gets stuck on 40 or 60km at same time Brakes will work no issues. Worse when warm Strangely no fault lights on dashboard to indicate major issue or fault-and yet obvious is! Eventually car does function as normal, only to malfunction several hours later. RACV was called to work? No idea of problem and unable to recreate the issue. I was towed home , and was able to put it in drive way-and was able to reverse out of drive way on Wednesday in preparation for tow number 2. Have since had it towed to where i purchased. What are my rights? I since had dash cam fitted before problems occured. If the worse factor does mean car has to be replaced with another. Legally i have to drive with extension pedals-its in my licence now-which means i can't even test drive a car anymore! its also not toyota related-so that going to be refitted out of my own pocket. So working out how to get it down is going to be another issue! my stepdad did it last time, but he had hip replacement so can;t drive now! mum has 3 children with disabilities including myself-so abit hard for her to help me out! Dash cam will have to be reinstalled at cost from my own pocket-as that is also non toyota related. It is being paid off with loan through RACV but i am ahead of repayments so far. its still under NEW car warranty thankfully!
  2. Hi, i have just recently brought a new car, leather seats-Toyota Corolla Zr. It seems to me the type of leather is that it seems to repel water- i dropped abit of water on the seat by accident, and the water just sat there even when rubbed gentle. What leather cleaner and condition would you recommend? Always had fabric seats until now. We have the following brands available Option 1; Autoglym, Option 2; Oakwood, Option 3; Armor, Option 4; Mother's (Can only see conditioner), Option 5; Meguiar's, Option 6 NO-H2O (Not familiar with this one and can only see Cleaner. Option 7; Bowden's Own leather guard (not familar with one and online availabity only), Option 8; Turtle Wax (Luxe Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in 1(I am familiar with this brand but only for external as Wax is normally used on outside of cars. Option 9; Autosmart(Again not familiar, Not easy to get online only) Option 10; Sca leather protectant I used to ride horses and pretty sure Oakwood was one of the top for leather soap and saddles-but i am well aware its not recommended to use Saddle Soap and Saddle cleaner on automotive leather. American Website have said to avoid certain ingredients but as far as i can see all products available here have those No ingredients. Any other suggestions? (Melbourne Vic)
  3. Would you prefer a key start or push button start? Advantages & disadvantages of leather seat? Advantages & negetive of push button start? Advantages & disadvantage of sky view roof? While it is a little more budget stretch it look better value for money then adding optional extras with other models & increased safety features!
  4. Any technical problems with Chr?

    Hi Eric, The Rear Seats do Fold Down, all hatchbacks have this; They called this a small SUV at the dealership-toyota specialist, they also told me the seats don't fold down-i couldn't see anywhere where the seat did fold down in the model i saw 2017. Can you tell me where to show the dealership how to fold down the seats?i did notice all 3 did have anchor points for car seats which isn't a need for me-as both my sisters are old enough to not need a car seat lol! Boot was a little small for my liking. You really need to Drive the C-HR!!, the car is Great to drive, Comfortable & very Zippy if you like Who are you buying the Car for?, You or others?, you buy what you want, not for what others think, if you like Teal, go for it. Myself. Thanks for the information.
  5. What are the positives? What are the negetives? It still has keystart & normal engine) which maybe frowned on in future as abit behind the times & harder to sell? I have 1995 Toyota Corolla seca Csx! What do you think?
  6. Considering a Prius C

    What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Any technology or mechanical issues you found?
  7. Any technical problems with Chr?

    Currently have 1995 Toyota Corolla seca Csx Looking for a new car, while I like the teal. The design is abit unusual & may not appear to everyone taste! I was able to view a demo at one of our dealerships but haven't test driving. One of the features I found that I didn't like was the rear seats didn't fold down! Also was mentioned the Koda model had heated front seats? What happens if in event of crash? (Would the seats catch fire?) we had a house fire caused by fan heater when I was younger) What are the features you love about this car? It's just one of the models I am considering! What are the features you dislike?
  8. Newbie here

    Hi all, i just thought I introduced myself I am Krystal & have a 1995 Toyota Corolla at current! Love the reliability of this brand!