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  1. Airbags and Crashes

    Yeh i agree its weird that windows didnt smash... the internal door trims are untouched also so damage has stopped just sly of internals thankfully and pillar seems straight but hard to be sure until doors are pulled off.. i read somewhere that airbag sensor is in pillar so perhaps thats why? Yeh i hate all people and round abouts lol
  2. Airbags and Crashes

    Hi all. Sadly had my pride and joy was T-boned at a round about yesterday :( Other driver clearly wasn't paying attention, hit roundabout far too fast and saw me at the last minute, attempted to brake but was too late by then and found me... id estimate he was doing 40km/h before slamming brakes on at entry to roundabout knocking a bit of speed of him but not much before landing in my passenger side doors. Id approx my speed to be 35km/h or slightly less. Im ok. Bit sore from being thrown around by impact and shaken from whole incident but thankful my baby girl wasnt in the car. Other car was a hilux with bullbar. My question is, looking at pics attached, do you believe my side airbags should have gone off? I believe he hit as low on my car as he did due to the car nose diving from him hitting brakes so hard otherwise would have been higher. Im lucky enough to have had a dash cam in my car to capture it and cops behind me to witness but still leaves me scratching my head wondering what it takes for the airbags to engage. The internals of the doors are still straight. Front door opens, back door doesnt as door has actually been moved off hinges and shoved into back quarter panel. Look forward to reading replies.