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  1. JBM

    Power for 2nz

    Theres a guy on https://www.facebook.com/groups/232605430540304/ doing one. James
  2. JBM

    Power for 2nz

    A supercharger or turbo will add about 50% more power. A standard 1.3 is 63 kW. Standard 1.5 is 81 kW (109 HP) or 150 HP with a turbo/super charger. If you squeeze a 2ZZ Corolla engine with 180 HP into an Echo you would notice more of a difference. Other improvements recommended would be strut brace and coil overs and if you're really keen a Scion rear axle and trailing arms. James
  3. Has anyone put 3 barrel Webers or a throttle body equivalent from a Porsche onto a 1G-FE Lexus IS200? James
  4. JBM

    2NZ - 1NZ cross compatibility

    Just fit the 1NZ and youll never have to wonder anymore.
  5. My daughter just bought an Echo and I was looking through it and noticed that there are some empty cavities in the tool tray that sits above the spare, see pic. Should there be more items? James
  6. My daughter bought an Echo to learn to drive and as a first car. I don't normally have much to do with Toyotas but being the Dad means I'll have some troubleshooting and minor repairs and maintenance to do in the future. Hopefully I can gain some knowledge and sure some of my generic car knowledge at the same time. James