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  1. While I haven't tested the fuel pump during cranking, it does run very well and there is no buzzing which usually indicates a failing fuel pump. I believe I've narrowed the issue down to Crank Angle Sensor or Ignition Switch. I believe it's the former and will change it this week. Interesting that it will always start if the key is left 'ON' for a few minutes, almost like it primes the faulty sensor(s) or resets itself somehow.
  2. G'day, Just picked up an Avalon MkIII GXi. I own 4 Fords, but worked around Avalons 2001-2006 at a taxi depot, so always had a soft spot for them etc. Have an interesting starting issue with a workaround I found. Has anyone ever heard of issues with the ignition switch on these? Igniter? Crank angle sensor? Knock sensors? It has had aftermarket keys for 5 years now. The light goes off instantly upon insertion indicating it has been programmed as a master. Now, it will just crank endlessly often. The workaround is to leave the ignition 'ON' for 5 minutes and then it starts no worries until the next time. Any ideas?